Tuesday, May 1, 2012


how do i environment somebody help


  1. you got some awesome thumbnails why not just paint what you have in them?

  2. hey, looks like your comps are getting a bit cramped
    sexy values, but a lot of your elements/shapes are taking up like 1/3 of the page at a time
    at least for photoshop paintings, i often just grab the whole image and shrink it down, or extend the canvas up all around, depending on whether i care to keep my aspect ratio or not

    that james finch guy said he does this all the time, cuz we naturally like to draw things kinda big
    said good environment paintings still have grouped big elements, but broken down with small details within the groupings, and this shrinking of a current painting is a good way to get that going

  3. also those colors are the shit, seriously
    just gotta start adding more little elements to bring it to life

  4. what's the story of the room? maybe that can help us decide on what to work on next.

  5. absolutely none, really--just an photo study that i tried to paint and place a figure in. D: