Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Püpr Scüpr!!!!

So my lil dude is a sanitation worker...he cleans up poop around the city and in the sewers. Hes out of shape and unhappy with his life...cuz ya know...he cleans shit all day. I wanted his helmet shape to kinda look like hes down. I havent done the stuff in perspective yet, but when I do the orange bit is gonna be a vertical opening where he looks out of (hes not human obviously)
The painting is a WIP and Im not 100% on the final design but I was itching to paint him. I was messing with the idea of him riding around in a lil walker so I sketched some stuff. Cant wait to see what u guys have.
Oh yeah and he ends up fighting a giant poop monster in the sewers and saving the city. YEAAHH!!!!


    the final painting of this guy should totally be this badass standoff with the ginormous poop monster asdfslajdf;klj

  2. haha yuuuup thats exactly what its gonna be!!